Wednesday, 9 November 2011

"He" approves Tatti Style

Американский блог "Fashion by He" опубликовал сегодня мое небольшое интервью, сопроводив его своим комментарием, который очень приятно было услышать в свой адрес :)

Этот блог ведут парни, которые делают это в своем стиле (так сказать, мода с мужской точки зрения), довольно категорично и прямолинейно, не стесняясь в выражениях. Это действительно отличает их блог от сотен других, а потому, наверное, и делает его таким популярным) 

Цитата с сайта:
   Think He has said this before, but having good hair is very underrated. Meet Tatiana, aka Tatti, from Russia. Pretty sure this is the first time Russia has made it onto the HottHe page.Legs and super high heels caught He's attention right away; and a super long maxi dress with high heels, just stretches out everything for the better. Tatti is also new to the fashion blogging world, but judging from these pictures she's got what it takes, He Approved, indeed.

   How would you describe your style? It’s hard to give exact definition to my style as I always experiment with different styles and I tend not to limit myself. I don’t believe that any fashion rules exist but the rule that there should be a harmony in your look. I never say “I will never wear this!” because, as the proverb says, “all is in a state of flux, nothing is constant”. Nevertheless, my style is sophisticated, feminine, fresh and young. I adore white and beige colors; I can’t live without leopard print and I’m convinced that it can be used in an elegant way. My looks are casual but I always add a bright detail to take me out of the common run. What is more important – not to cross the line between style and fashion disaster that sometimes stay really close to each other.
    Favorite item you own?...

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